Thursday, November 27, 2008

David and Meggens Wedding

Last Saturday November 22 David and Meggan were married! The ceremony was great and the food was amazing! We are so excited to have Meggen in the family, she fits in perfect! I am so excited to have another sister in the family. David looked so happy when he first saw her, his face lit up as she walked into the room! Landon was supposed to be the ring bearer but we forgot to bring candy and he got a little grumpy so my dad had to carry him down the aisle.

The newlyweds!

The cheescake was amazing! Chad convinced Tanner to eat two pieces...he didn't feel to good afterwards

David and his favorite four sisters! While we were taking this picture Hayley kept pinching all of our butts, we didn't know who was doing it but when we found out we definately got her back!


Erica, Ryan, Camryn and Nugget said...

So cute! You all look gorgeous!

Lyndon said...

Thanks for showing us how to find you blog