Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Trip Home

This past week Chad and I went to California for the weekend. Chad had to support the Lakers at their home opener and I had to support him! We were able to visit both of our families which was great! We went to Disnelyand on Halloween with Chads parents and it was a blast!
We also were then able to make it out to Wildomar and be entertained by Landon himself.


Erica, Ryan, Camryn and Nugget said...

Way to start the blog! Keep it up! I expect to see new posts regularly! It was good to see you for a brief moment. Hopefully this will keep us more in each others loop!

Cody & Brittany Hawkes said...

Hey whit! I just found out with your blog was from looking at someone's page and i added you, so now it's offical- Life looks like it's treating you and chad well! the burg misses you...yes we are still here! haha but i love it and i'm almost done with school so it's all worth it. Cody and I are loving married life and it was so fun to see you at our reception! take care! see ya later xoxo