Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend with the cousins!

So this weekend Chad went out of town and when I got home and went into our room I got scared because he left a "pretend Chad" for me while he was gone. I laughed histarically but had to put him away because every time I went into the room I jumped!

I spent the weekend hanging out with David and Meggen and the three of us went to my Aunt Christine and Uncle Shaun's house to see all the cousins. Meggen couldn't wait to see Conner so she went and woke him up, he pretended like he was still sleeping but really he was so excited to see her.

Here we tried to see how many we could fit in this little tent inside the house, it started out with just Lawson and Conner then Meg was brave enough to jump in.

Next David went in (which was a little scary) and then we added baby Jameson. Lawson is in their too but we had to hold him back because he kept trying to cover the camera!

Little Jameson is getting so big and so cute just like his brother Conner.


Kiss Kiss said...

Your husband is so funny. I'm so glad he left you a pretend Chad!! I laughed out loud when I saw it.

The Webb Family said...

That 'pretend Chad' is priceless! What a sweet husband!

You guys obviously had fun spending the weekend with your cousins. David looks really happy by the way.

I love seeing all of your family grow and evolve. I miss you guys. I can't wait to see little whitney babies or little david's! LOL!

Jamie And Leo Sagebin said...

Chad is so funny! I can just picture him making the pretend chad and laughing at himself! We need to hang out.