Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Blizzard...Really??

Well I woke up this morning to a BLIZZARD! Isn't it April, and Springtime? Then why does it look like the middle of winter??? The answer: because its Utah! And winter drags on here! Monday was such a beautiful day, I wore a short sleeve shirt and flip flops and took a nap outside in the grass. I can't believe that in two days the weather could change SO much. But at least the sememster ended yesterday and I don't have to go to school in this craziness! I just have my finals to do and then I get to see Chad in 1 WEEK! I cannot wait to see him. I do miss him but I have adjusted to being alone quite well. We talk and text throughout the day probably more than when he was here. Here are a few pictures of things that I have been doing since Chad has been gone.

First, I took this picutre out my window just a few minutes ago so you can see I am not exagerating.

This is the vegetable basket that my grandma, Alyssa and I made on Easter. Easter weekend was really fun, the 3 of us headed out to my Aunt Christine's house and we all got our hair done, talked girl talk till late in the night, and topped it off with my Uncle Shaun bringing us home ice cream. I then went to church with Alyssa to protect her from this weirdo that likes her! I didn't do to god of a job because he found her and she had to talk to him. After that we came home and made this creation (notice the hickama is in the shape of bunnies) we also had ham, funeral potatoes, and for dessert my grandma made Better than Sex cake, I ate 3 huge pieces and it was SO good, I definately appreciated it!
Here we are so proud of the Easter vegetable presentation! Doesn't my grandma look so good!!!
Me, Lisa, and Lindsay went to CPK for a girls night, unfortunately Lindsay had to take the pic, but she was definately there. I love getting together with my girlfriends, and eating good food!
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MWilson said...

You were not exagerating!!!

Erica said...

I hate that about Utah. It teases you for awhile until summer actually comes. Love the veggie plater! Cute hearts and bunnies! What are the other white thing with the orange in the middle? I am glad to see that you are doing so well on your own and are getting out and doing so much. Very appropriate to have that cake while Chad is gone:)! And Lisa you look amazing! So do you Whitney but I never see Lisa. :)