Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Survived the First 24 Hours!

It has been approximately 24 hours now since Chad left to Oklahoma City. He will be there this summer managing a team of guys for Security One while I had to stay behind and finish school. This was a really tough decision for us to be apart for the summer but we both know that it is going to be a great thing for us in the end. I wanted to have a smile on my face as I said goodbye to him but unfortunately that wasn't possible, I balled as he left. And then right after I had to go to my Marriage Enhancement class, that sure didn't help my emotions. My goal is to stay busy so that time passes faster. Here are some of my plans:
1. I got a gym membership so I can work out
2. School
3. Start playing volleyball again
4. Hang out with girlfriends
5. Get a job (maybe)
6. Read (any book suggestions?)
7. Visit family, both here and in Utah
8. Come up with a new hobby, not sure what it will be yet so if you have suggestions on this too let me know!
So I don't have as many plans as I hoped for but I know that school keeps me pretty busy, and I am lucky to have great friends and family here in Utah that are willing to let me come and hang out with them (even on their date nights!). I am already counting down the days until I get to visit Chad in Oklahoma: just two weeks! He is such an amazing husband, willing to sacrifice his summer so we can get ahead financially. I know its going to get easier without him, not that I wont miss him but just used to the situation. But if anyone wants a girls night, or is visiting Utah for the next couple months let me know I would love to get together.


Erica said...

Oh that is sad! I feel bad for him though after each day of work. Utah is one thing but Oklahoma is another. You will get through it and it will only make you love each other that much more! Good luck and make sure blogging is one of those hobbies!

kristivon said...

Hey! I'm glad you made it. I'm sure that's weird not having him around the house. I'm glad that one of your plans is to hang out with family- that means us right?! :) We'll make some plans for sure. And I'll think of some books for you to read. You'll make it!

Jamie And Leo Sagebin said...

Whitney.. I am here everyday! doing nothing so call me. If I don't go to canada I we will have homework sessions!! I know how fun! See you tonight.Don't be late for our girl date.

Janice said...

Hi Whitney! I'm sure that was hard to say good-bye, we have been thinking about you, hoping you will be okay. I know Chad will be lost without you. Sounds like it is time for you to come to visit sunny California!

Kayley said...

aw poor Whitney :( Well it sounds like you will be able to keep yourself pretty busy. I'll be thinking of a new hobby for you! If you're ever bored you know you can come hang out over here! Well I'll see you at school!