Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So Many Things to Celebrate!

1. The first celebration took place on Saturday, it was Bub's birthday. (Bub is my grandma, we called her Bub/Bubble ever since we were little because she ALWAYS had bubble gum for us. Some of the younger grandkids are embarassed to call her Bub in public, but I am a loyal granddaughter and will call her Bub forever.) Anyways, it was her birthday and time to celebrate. First the girls all went to the "What Women Want Expo", it was so much fun, there was discounted jeans, Botox injections, and lots of other fun things to buy, all geared towards women. Then we headed over to Fudruckers (it may sound like a bad word but I promise it's not) we all stuffed ourselves with burgers, shakes and fries. Notice the picture below! We then walked it off and did some shopping. Bub wanted to go into Barnes and Nobles, and as she was walking in the doors my Aunt Christine yelled out "I don't like that store it makes me feel STUPID"--that had to be my favorite quote of the day. We topped the day off with some not so much needed ice cream, but we did it anyway. It was so fun to be with my aunts, bub, and David and Meggan!

Don't you love Davids face!

2. Now the second thing to celebrate is I FINISHED ALL MY FINALS! and I passed all my classes!!! The semester is officially over, I couldn't be more glad. Overall they went well, I ended up getting the worst grade in my Religion class, SO LAME! I loved my teacher, but it bugs me when they make religion so tricky. Who would have thought I would do better in Stats than the Old Testament. I had a class that will forever change my life, it was all about Work and Relationships in the home. My teacher Dr. Jenet Jacobs is an amazing women who is so inspiring, I learned the value and deep meaning of working together in the home, my future kids will probably not be appreciative of this class but I sure am! I also had a class that was not so great, it happened to be Marriage Enhancement haha! THe teacher was definately on the creepy side who gave to much info about his personal life! EWWW!! But now I am just glad to be done, 1 step closer to graduation! Only a 6 week semester of Floral Design, Food Preparation and Infant Development and I am done!!! But for now I am focusing on the fact that I have no responsibilities for the next week!
3. Its warm...finally! After having a blizzard last week I couldn't be more grateful for warm weather, but with warm weather brings the sun, and the sun brings sunburns! I studied outside for 2 hrs and fried my legs and arms! Its so bad, I always underestimate the strength of the sun! But I couldn't resist, it felt so good, I hadn't felt the sun in so long! So hopefully I didn't get skin cancer in my pursuit to look good for Chad. Which leads me to the fourth celebration...
4. And the best of all... I get to see Chad today!!! I can't sleep I am so excited! It has been almost 3 weeks, I can't believe how fast it has gone. And I can't believe I am saying that! But it really has flown by. I leave this afternoon and get in at night! I feel kinda like we are dating again, all the talking on the phone, saying how much we miss and love each other! It really has made me appreciate being with him. Hopefully his roommates won't get annoyed with us! That is another reason why I feel like we are dating is because he has roommates, hopefully it won't be too weird living with 3 guys this week. I'm not really worried about it, cause I know that its going to be so awesome! Well I really should get to bed now, tonight Chad kept reminding me to wake up early so I give myself plenty of time to get to the airport. I have a history of missing flights, so now I am OCD about getting there with ample amount of time. Next time I post it will be about my trip, SO EXCITED!


Erica said...

That is so fun that you get to see him soon! And I think it is nice to be apart for a while because you are able to see how much you really love each other. Now too much time apart...not so good!

Congrats on being done with this semester. I am with you on the religion thing. Way too hard! My worst grades were in religion. They are SO hard! Looks like you have a great semester ahead...cooking and flower arranging! Sounds fun!

Kayley said...

Hey Whit- I'm bummed we didn't get to see each other again before you left! I was so busy Tue. I totally forgot about everything! I hope you're having so much fun with Chad... hopefully we can meet up this summer while you're only a few hours away!

MWilson said...

you should post that picture of David on his facebook for the rest of the world to see. tee hee!