Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I didn't know I married a mountain man!

Last weekend we headed to Mesa, Colorado with Chad's parents to visit his Aunt Brenda, Uncle Dave and two cousins Jeff and Gina. I was told they lived way in the mountains but I didn't realize how FAR out there they really lived. We flew into Grand Junction and from there made a 45 minute drive up the side of a mountain, then a 2 1/2 mile drive on a dirt road to their home. It was so GORGEOUS! I was thinking how I love much I love California because of the weather and the beach but besides that its filled with a bunch of freeways, cars and homes. Colorado was so different because it was beautiful trees, lakes, mountains and SPACE. Don't get me wrong I do love being in California but it was a nice change. The leaves were all changing which made the mountains looks so colorful, like a bowl of frootloops!

Chad was in heaven up there, he loved going hunting twice a day and fishing in between the hunting sessions. He had a great time with his uncle who it a real true moutain man. Chad wore camo gear the whole weekend it was really funny! I went fishing with him out on the lake and caught my first fish, pretty exciting!

Unfortunately the last day we were there Chad was shooting some powerful rifle and the scope kicked back and cut his forehead open! When I went outside and saw blood everywhere I was pretty nervouse, luckily his aunt is a nurse and cleaned him up. We ended up needing to go to the Emergency Room to get his forehead superglued back together. It was a bummer to have this happen but it could have been much worse. Overall a great trip, I hope that we can go back again.

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Kayley said...

what a fun trip! I like how you compared the mountains to a bowl of fruitloops-haha. Is Chad's head ok now? I love your new blog background!