Monday, October 12, 2009

Last Weeks Outings

Last week we went to the first Dodger playoff game with some friends. I'm normally not a big baseball fan but I do like going to baseball games, get a dodger dog, nachos, and cotton candy! It was really fun and the Dodgers won, go LA!

We also went to the LA Temple (my camera died so no pics) which was great, that was where I went for my first time and I haven't been back to LA since. So it definately brought back good memories! After the temple we went to Westwood for CPK and stopped at Diddy Reise which has the BEST cookies!

On Saturday we went for a drive to Palos Verdes to check out Terrenea, a new resort up on the cliffs. It was SO beautiful up there, the weather was perfect, the landscaping and view are amazing, and there was a wedding set up that looked so pretty. I would love to work for a resort like that and be an event planner.

Randomly there was a lady up there with this beautiful owl, it had the orangest (if thats a word) eyes I had ever seen, very Halloweeney!

I think this pic of Chad and the owl is funny, it looks like the owl just posed with him like they were real friends.

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Erica said...

Baseball games are real fun just for the atmosphere! You should be an event planner! How is the job search and house search going?! Random owl but you are right very cool eyes! Can't wait to see you Thursday!

Kristi said...

Fun pictures and outings. :)