Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I got a new phone, the HTC EVO. I love it. The story of getting and selling my old phone is actually a funny one, I can laugh about it now.

I wanted a new phone. I decided to sell old phone. Husband put it on craigslist, and we received a bite. Buyer needed phone ASAP, so I went to the Sprint store, bought new phone so i could transfer all of my contacts. Then planned to meet up with the buyer and sell my old phone for the same price I was buying my new phone, genius? It was until I dropped my phone right infront of buyer and old phone got a crack on the screen. AHHH! Am i really that clumsy? I thought my sister Hayley was the clumsy one, turns out I am too. If I would have dropped that phone 20 min earlier it would have had insurance and been replaced, DRATS! Well to make this already long story not any longer, the buyer bought it for half the price, lucklily I already bought my new phone.

So here are a few photos I took today using an app I downloaded (smartphones are so fun). 

Don't know why they are looking so blurry, oh well.
It was fun to go around taking pics on my lunch,     
made me feel like a tourist in my own town       

One last funny thing about smartphones, they try and act really smart, like choose the word that you are typing before you finish typing. I was texting my friend Catherine and I meant to say the word "thing" and after I sent the message I realized it said "thong". Haha, luckily it was Catherine and not my boss, or my dad, that would have been really akward!      

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Catherine said...

hahaha... do you have instagram on your new phone? if so, you have to download it and add me. it's so addicting. also, i have a website to share with you that is full of auto-correcting mishaps. so funny. i'll email you the link.