Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lunch Break

How many of you wonder what to do for lunch? Whether you stay at home with your kids and wonder what to feed them and yourself, or you are working and have an hour midday break from the office. I constantly am trying to come up with something to do for lunch, I have to leave the office otherwise I go stir crazy. Normally I do one of the following activities:

1. Sit on the beach and read a book
2. Make a lunch date with Chad or another friend
3. Walk to CVS and buy a new nailpolish and then paint nails
4. Get in the car and just drive until I see something worthwhile to stop for
5. Lastly, go to Target.

Today I chose to visit Target. I always think I will go and just "look". I am sure most of you know that you can't get away with just looking at Target, it's one my bucket list though. Today I walked out with a few good deals:
  • Scarf - $4.99
  • Heels - $12.98
  • Moroccan Oil - $5.99

 All of these 3 items were totally necessary...just in case Chad asks, tell him that for me will ya?


Jordan said...

Those shoes! I need them! so cute!! love your blog Whitney!

Catherine said...

I am laughing right now because I totally went to Target last night and was so satisfied with my purchases, I wanted to do a blog post about them. Maybe I will!