Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh to be 5 again...

I took this picture of my little brother who just turned 5! I can't believe he is already 5 years old, going into kindergarten this year. This was one of his many treasures that he collected at the beach on Saturday, this boy is a pack rat. He loves anything that one would label as trash.

I was thinking on Saturday when i was with him how easy life was at that age. You never had to decide what the plans of the day were, what you were going to eat, how you were going to get money to eat, make decisions on your future, you get the point. You just go with the flow. Unless you are tired and cranky then you get to cry and throw a tantrum until you get what you want, I wish i could still do this and it would be socially ok.

Life definately gets harder the older I have gotten. Not harder in a bad way but in a "harder" way. Transitioning from high school to college, single to married, college to real life big girl job, Utah to California, etc. But as I look at the changes I realize that each change prepared me for the next. Each one seems a little bit harder, but also comes with a little more enjoyment. Chad and I are in "transition" where we don't know where we want to settle down, when we will get our own place, have kids, find a job for Chad that he enjoys and find success, but I do know that each time I have experienced change it has always been for the better. I absolutely love this song from Wicked. I really feel that the experiences and people that I have met had helped me become a better person.

So while it would be nice to live in Neverland and not have to ever grow up, I know that there are great blessings and rewards to gain through life changes.

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Thanks - I think I needed that today :)