Wednesday, June 12, 2013

9 Months - June 7, 2013

The 9 Month report card is in and here are Cole's stats: 30 in tall (90%) 19 lbs 2 oz (40%) and 18 in. head circ (90%)
We've got ourselves a tall skinny boy! He loves to eat and seems to be growing up as opposed to out, lucky kid. He now says mamama, but only when he is frustrated or wants more food. "Dadada" is reserved for the fun playful times, I think that's how it is, dads are fun and moms solve problems. When he wants something he opens and closes his hands as quick as he can. Cole loves to play with his toys and can entertain himself for about 15-20 minutes. His FAVORITE toy is my cell phone, and he can find it anywhere. I think he has learned that it is always close by me and he will look for it.  He's not mobile yet, and I am enjoying it, as I know life will change yet again once he is crawling all over the place. Stranger-danger hasn't set in yet, but Cole is terrified of dogs, his whole body shakes when he sees them. 

We started Mommy & Me classes this past Tuesday, and he had fun making lots of new friends (and so did I).  I think his favorite part was singing time. It doesn't surprise me because that is his favorite part of primary as well.

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Lisa said...

So cute Whit!! Love how he's sun-kissed. He totally looks like a California baby :)And Andrew did the "mama" when he's upset and wants something and the "dada" when he was happy and wanted to play. What's up with that?!