Sunday, June 30, 2013

That time we won tickets to Fiji

I love going to baseball games, so when our friend had some extra seats (which were amazing seats) we quickly found some babysitting and headed out for a date night. We made our way through good ol' LA traffic and found our seats halfway through the first inning.  As we sat down we saw Chad's cousin who works in the media/production department at Dodger Stadium. He happened to be part of the camera crew in the section we were sitting, and had us up on the jumbo-tron within minutes of sitting down. We thought that was pretty cool, and carried on as the Dodgers were taking a beating from the Phillies. 

About 15-20 minutes later we were about to go enjoy a traditional Dodger Dog, but the two girls pictured above came and approached us. They told us that we had been selected to be contestants of the United Dream Destination giveaway.  They would give us three clues and we had to choose which of the 3 locations the clues matched up to. The three options were 1. Hawaii, 2. FIJI and 3. Bora Bora. Both of our hearts were racing as all three options were amazing.  With a lot of luck and maybe a little hint we guessed Fiji, and we were right. We then filled out the paperwork and Chad was going to be going on the field and reenact just what we had done at the bottom of the 4th inning, in front of the whole stadium, on Mormon Night nonetheless.  Chad's contemplation of which answer is right, and his reaction was great, he's hoping that there might be some agent that was there and he will get discovered :) Neither one of us could sleep that night, we were so excited. We don't know any details yet, but what we do know is WE ARE GOING TO FIJI!! 

Although the Dodgers had a major loss (16-1), it was the BEST baseball game I have ever been to.


Kayla Christie said...

are you serious! that's so awesome! FIJI is amazing!! it's actually not far from Australia you will have an absolute blast!! Ive had quite a few friends serve missions in Fiji. Enjoy!!!!

Angela K said...

That is SO exciting! Can't wait to see pictures. Glad your little family is doing so well!