Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its official, we are DIsneyland Annual Passholders!

We finally decided to suck it up and by Annual Passes to Disneyland since both of our families have passes, and I am so glad that we did. We have already gone 2 times in one week! The first time we went with my mom, grandma, Landon and sister, and the next time we went with Chads family. Both times were so much fun! My little brother is such a daredevil, he went on every scary ride that he was tall enough for, even Space Mountain! My mom told him it was so scary and dark and he said "Tool" (thats how he says cool), the whole ride my mom was screaming, and Landon was laughing and LOVED it! He is such a fun little boy. But he is also pretty mischevious, he stole his first item from Disneyland, he thought Chad would think it was cool, and told him not to tell his Mommy. Obviously Chad did and Landon got busted, it was pretty funny. He still thinks he and Chad are the Two Coolest Dudes and shadows Chad in whatever he does, its so cute! So here are some pictures from our first Disneyland Trip!

Please notice my moms face on this ride, she was so scared!

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