Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

This past Saturday was my moms birthday and we went out as a family to celebrate. She loves Cafe Rio and they just opened one in Lake Forest, Ca. so we knew that was definately going to be in the plans. We first went to the Orange County Market Place, then headed down to Cafe Rio, then we went to a park and rode tandem bikes and just enjoyed the day with my mom. I love my mom so much! SHe is such a great example to me. If there is ever a joke in the family or if someone is trying to be funny and start a rumor, we all know that we can go to my mom and she will tell the truth, my mom cannot lie!!! (Except to tell Landon that Santa Clause is real, and she still has a hard time with that) She is one of my greatest friends and I am so glad we live closer by so we can go out and spend the day with her!

Here are some photos from our day!

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MWilson said...

Thank you, Whitney!!!! Such nice words. It has been a great blessing in our lives to have you and Chad so close. Love every minute we get to be together!