Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last minute trip to Utah

Last Friday we decided we needed to bring all of our stuff that is in Utah in storage down to California, Chad has had a few job offers and we feel that very soon we will finally be getting into a place of our own! So we booked a flight for Saturday and headed up to Zion, aka Utah :) It was really fun we got to see some family, and were able to stay with some GREAT friends of ours, Jamie and Leo. Without them this trip would not have been possible, and without us they could have avoided being pulled over 2 times, sorry guys! We hit up some of our favorite spots to eat: Cafe Rio, Hires Big H, Bandits, and Jason's Deli. We went up to Park City for the day, saw Dear John, had a Super Bowl party, went out with my brother and sister, saw Chad's sister and her family-we had a great time! There are definately some things I miss about being in Utah, the family we have there, and our friends are two big things I miss, but the weather is something I do not miss at all!

Leo, Jamie, Me, sister, brother, Chad at Hire's Big H in SLC

Me and sister getting our ice cream after lunch at Jason's Deli, miss her!
Chad and Leo after church clearing the driveway, one of the benefits of living in Utah :)

My cute niece Claire showing me her biggest smile!
Chad and our friends Leo and Brigg who helped us move all of our stuff, thank goodness for good friends!

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Kristi said...

I'm glad you guys had a safe trip back. Thanks again for babysitting for us! We love you guys. :)