Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chad's Birthday Email Reminder

I received this email from Chad and couldn't stop laughing. I told him his email was hilarious and he said he wasn't just trying to be funny, he was serious.

Well, its that time of year, the time we all gather together to commemorate one of the greatest moments in history, the day the earth welcomed Chad Remington Davenport for everyone to enjoy. It is this years highly anticipated Friday, July 1st and this email is to welcome each of you to shower his greatness with gifts.

There is a certain level of service expected for this Friday. For starters, I would like Whitney to make the bed when we get up. I would also like to either have a cooked breakfast ready for me when I come downstairs or I guess mom can take me out to breakfast.

As of right now, the only thing that I have going on is that I am going to get a straight razor shave in Manhattan Beach with Sam sometime in the late morning, early afternoon. As far as Friday night goes, I could see me possibly going to Dennys and getting moons over my hammy since you get a free meal on your birthday...not exactly. I was thinking I'd like to go to Houstons and get that burger that I love, maybe go to the one in Santa Monica.

Many people keep asking me what to get me for my birthday and I have tried getting back to everyone but it has been tough to find the time to respond to everyone. Here are a couple things to think of:

• a new beach chair, preferably one with a pouch in the back

• a mesh bag that will hold at least 6 volleyballs

• volleyball antennas (possibly)

• new nike basketball shorts, XL

• quiksilver boardshorts with diamond bobby inlay size 36

• anything Maui and sons

• some new sunscreen or lotion--or any mens grooming products besides shave cream and after shave

• a pair of tan color shorts size 36 waist, not cargo shorts

• anything golf or beach volleyball related

• grape flavored grape vine licorice

• that red austrailian licorice I like

• ipad 2

• sambazon acai juice or jamba juice giftcard (increments of $50 minimum)

This is just the list I am sending to family, just plan on getting me one of each on this list and you will be OK. Any questions or comments, feel free to "reply to all" and I will have someone get back to you with an answer.


Chad Davenport


Catherine said...

Ha Ha Ha! This is hilarious! I wish Brad made detailed lists like that for me. I just have to guess and hope he likes what I get him. Happy Birthday to him! We should extend the celebration to Saturday (or just all weekend!)

Natalee said...

Chad and my hubby not only share the same birthday...but the same sense of humor. LOL.

Oh and I LOVE that red australian licorice too. Email me your address and I will mail him a bag. I know how happy it makes me when friends surprise me with it. =)