Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here's to Catching up with my longest friend!

Lisa and I became friends when her family moved into the Canyon Lake ward over 14 years ago. I was the only girl in my class at church and was thrilled to have a girl my age move in. Little did I know that we would remain close friends throughout middle school, high school, college, and now "adulthood" (not sure how adult I am but I try). She is now a mom to the cutest little boy Andrew and lives in Utah while her husband Matt is finishing up @ BYU. We have always joked about the "opposite" things we have in common, here are a few:

Blonde vs Brunnette, Rival Highschools, Cheer vs Volleyball, Tilly's vs Billabong (our highschool jobs), those are just a few that came to the top of my head, now we can add mother vs "non-mother".

She and her family came out to visit Chad and I yesterday, we ate dinner on the patio at the Cheesecake Factory in the Redondo Beach Harbor. It was a gorgeous evening. Afterwards we watched baby Andrew perform all his new tricks, we joked that he is more entertaining to watch than TV. He is a doll, and I want to know how to get eyelashes like him.

Thanks Lisa, Matt and Andrew for hanging out with Chad and I and allowing me to get my "baby fix".

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