Friday, June 17, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend

Love the alliteration in the post? Thats the one thing I remember from studying poetry in 7th grade.

Anyways onto what this post is really about. Last week Chad's grandfather Grandpa Jensen passed away. He was a wonderful man whom I am grateful we were able to visit and get to know in the few (almost 4!) years we have been married. His graveside service was in Brigham City, UT. We were able to spend the day with so many cousins, aunts and uncles, grandma, and Chad's immediate family. It was a beautiful day and feel very blessed for such a great family I married into.

I was also able to meet my new niece, Lily. She was not quite 6 weeks old and such a cute and good baby. I most definately got my baby fix in while I was there.

Also on the same weekend my whole family (minus dad) and aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents on my mom's side were in Utah. There was a suprise 40th B-day party for my Uncle on Friday night that I was able to suprise my sisters and brother at (double suprise). Also on Sunday my cousin Matt gave his homecoming talk. Unfortuantely my battery died and I didn't take very many pictures, but I had a great time in Utah.

My little (big) brother, playing the piano. We decided he should play the piano with his shirt off and put him on You-tube as the shirtless piano player...coming soon.

My sister Hayley, love love my sisters.
Alyssa with my cousin Danny and his new wife who I also love

Brother David and Meggan

Just looking at all these pictures makes me miss last weekend already. I couldn't believe how much we did in the short time we were in Utah. I hate to say it but I actually missed living up there, granted the weather was perfect, and all my family was there. But the open space, green trees and beautiful mountains were so nice to be in for the weekend. Until next time...

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al said...

girlfriend! i hate that you got to spend time with lisa without me!! i wish we could all reunite soon...oh wait, it can totally happen because i am moving back to california:) your hair is SO long and SO gorgeous. im jealous. im still trying to grow mine out from the butch haircut i got during the craziness of the school year haha id love to catch up sometime, call me when you get a chance, id love to hear about your life!