Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fantastic Memorial Weekend. Luckily for us it started on Friday, my boss has a home ont the beach and we had our first annual beach party. We set up in the morning and then started the party at noon. There was volleyball, baggo, and darts, along with great food. It was really fun to get together with people from our other office.

On Saturday Chad had a beach volleyball tournament. I didn't take any pictures unfortuantely but he did win the tournament and got his "rating". We had a lot of friends who came out and supported him and his friend Jorge. We have made so many good friends in Hermosa and are grateful for their support.

Sunday we had church and then did dinner with some of our friends in the ward, The Fishbacks and The Bells. Catherine and Bradford Fishback live right in Hermosa and we had Cafe Rio on their patio as we listened to the waves break.

Catherine and Madison bringing down the food
Yummy Cafe Rio
Chad and Eric Bell talking volleyball strategy I am sure, these two love to play volleyball.

The husbands: Bradford, Eric and Chadwick

The Wives, Catherine, Me and Madison

Then on Monday my family came out and we went up to Palos Verdes. We went to the Wayfarers Glass Chapel and then hiked down to Abalone Cove. It was a beautiful day, I enjoyed spending time with my family. It was fun to see me mom enjoy the day so much, she and my dad used to drive up to Palos Verdes 20 years ago for their date nights, and they also brought me and my brother up here when we were young.

On Monday afternoon we went to Long Beach for a family bbq and walked around 2nd Street in Belmont Shores. I am grateful for this holiday, for what it represents, for what it allows us to enjoy today. I am grateful for my grandfather who fought for our country and who continues to give so much to our family.

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Jamie And Leo Sagebin said...

we miss you guys!! Looks like your having to much fun without us! I think your volleyball skills have gotten way better than our cruise volleyball attempt