Friday, December 23, 2011

Hairy Situation

I rarely do my hair. Most of the time my hair routine goes like this:

 Take a shower at night
Go to bed with wet hair
 Wake up to dry hair
 The end
 After spending a few days with my sisters they inspired me to try and do something with all my hair.

"Hair" is the result:


The Lowry Family said...

So adorable! Can you do mine when we go to Disneyland?!

Sarah said...

Wow that looks amazing!! I wish I could do that to my hair, but alas, I have no patience.

Erica said...

Super cute. With or without it done is so cute.

McKenzie King said...

sometimes, i wish i had long hair...ok, most of the time i wish for that. i am jealous of all the variety you have. the only thing i can do with short hair for change, is go shorter. hahah

love your blog by the way. it's so fantastic.