Monday, December 5, 2011


Apartment hunting to be specific. That's what we did for 6 hours on Saturday. Literally driving up and down every street in the area that we want to live. You see I have been looking on craigslist for a while but some people on craigslist definition of "gorgeous, spacious, beautiful, recently remodeled, cute, etc" is not what most of us think. Let's just say I experienced many disappointments when I would show up at an apt that was listed as great location, luxurious apt... and the toilet and sink were lavender, smelled like a dog, no windows, basically looked like a shoe-box. And they want $1,550 a month for rent, oh the joys of living close to the beach.

After spending all day searching, we raised our rent budget, and lowered our standards to "not that bad" we found an apartment right in the area where we were looking. And it really isn't "that bad". I know once we get all of our furniture in and decorate it up it will feel like home. As long as everything falls into place we will be moving in this Saturday! I'm so excited to finally have our own place, just me and Chad. We've been so lucky to have his parents let us stay with them while we figured out where we would settle down, and couldn't be more grateful to them. Luckily we won't be too far from them.

Now I can start doing some of the DIY projects I've pinned on pinterest!


Catherine said...

I'm so excited for you!!

Shauna said...

YEah!! Where is it?