Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Santa Barbara

Thank you for being so beautiful during our visit two weekends ago (I know I'm behind). Chadwick had to work on Monday and got a hotel on Sunday so I could come and join him, because work is so much more fun when we are together. We left after church and took PCH all the way up, I love that drive, having an ocean view the whole time is so relaxing and therapeutic. We decided to get out in Malibu at a surfing spot Chad likes and see some hardcore bikers who stop to get a drink (not pictured)
His shirt says it all
We got into your beautiful city and stayed the night at Hotel Santa Barbara on State Street. After quickly checking in we walked down to the beach to catch sunset. The sunset is different here, it's not right over the water from where we were, I loved seeing it peek through the palm trees.

After Sunset we went back to our room, put on some warmer clothes and in no hurry at all looked for a cute restaurant with a local feel. I even put on red lipstick for this occasion, although Chad isn't a huge fan, are guys in general lipstick fans? I like to tease him its because he then can't give me a kiss whenever he wants :)

1. Pretty lights 2. Red Lipstick 3. Tower or terror elevator in our hotel
 The next day Chad had to work. I was able to sleep in, take my sweet time getting ready and do some shopping on State Street. I took a few pictures on my phone of my day there.
1. Lunch @ Silvergreens 2. Pretty stairs 3. Chevron flower pot
 I love this city, the "Santa Barbara" style is so pretty to me, the vibe of the city is laid back and beachy. I hope that we can come back soon.


Kayley said...

It was gorgeous there- I want to go! I love your striped maxi skirt- where did you get it?

Catherine said...

Sounds like a perfect getaway. I love those steps!!

McKenzie King said...

these pictures and your style...rock.