Friday, February 24, 2012

Palm Springs

Valentines Day wasn't over on (last) Tuesday for me, or Maddy. Our husbands continued surprising us with an overnight trip to Palm Springs. They almost surprised us, that is until Maddy and I were talking on Friday and both of us said we were going somewhere for a night, but neither one of us knew where. While we may have spoiled the surprise a little, the destination was still kept secret. We left early Saturday morning, stopped at the Cabazon Outlets for some bargain shopping and then checked into our hotel. We spent the afternoon by the pool, it got a little chilly as the sun went down, but still so nice to be outside. We went out to dinner on Palm Springs Blvd and walked the streets, enjoying good people watching. The next day we went to the pool for a few hours, walked downtown again, and then made our way back home. I sure hope I don't have to wait until next Valentine's Day to go to Palm Springs again!

Poor Maddy got thrown into the pool, you can partially blame Chad for putting Eric up to it.

Our many attempts to use a tripod and self timer.


Lisa said...

What a nice getaway! My mom is planning a "girls trip" to palm springs in May. Looks nice and relaxing!

Catherine said...

Fun! You guys are the cutest. I love the bottom-middle picture of Maddi.