Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend was fabulous. It started out having some of our volleyball friends over on Friday night for dinner. I actually cooked quite the spread, vegetable appetizer, sweet & sour BBQ chicken (home-made marinade), grilled corn on the cob with cilantro lime butter, coconut sticky rice, rolls, Brazilian lemonade, Banana Cream Pie. Just typing all that makes me tired.

Saturday was a gorgeous "summer" day at the beach, we spent all day at Chad's 1st volleyball tournament this year. He played well and I couldn't be more happy this is the sport he chose to play. I can't complain about sitting outside at the beach for 8 hours!

Sunday we went to church with my family and then enjoyed the afternoon in the backyard. Landon (my 5 almost 6 year old brother) had quite the array of tricks he showed us.

 He is an excellent bubble shooter

 He can jump and shoot simultaneously

 Between the legs was my favorite shot

He can do a toe touch

 And he can "shuffle"
 We had an Easter egg hunt, where teenagers still participated
 Dad's get tired after Easter egg hunts
After Hunt Photo of us kids

Mom made a delicious ham dinner spread with so many sides and desserts that after I was finished eating everyone in my family said I now look pregnant :)

Thanks to my family for an awesome day, I love being able to spend time with them. Hayley, Alyssa, David and Meggan were sure missed this weekend. I cannot wait for Baby Boy to join us in September, he is already so loved.


Kristi said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Those are such cute pictures of Landon!

Courtney B said...

What an AMAZING weekend! Love all the pictures!