Monday, April 23, 2012

The Weekend When The Sun Didn't Shine

I started off looking forward to the weekend, the forecast was 80 degrees, I pictured myself spending the day at the beach in my new bathing suit that can cover this expanding stomach of mine. Unfortunately as the weekend approached there was no sun in sight at the beach, and I was a little upset with Mother Nature. Luckily we came up with a pretty fun plan B and spent the afternoon at Universal City Walk.  Then on Sunday after church we visited my Grandparents and Uncle Ryan in Long Beach. I always make sure I call him my uncle, especially when posting on his FB wall; he is the same age as my husband, but I want him to know that I respect my elders :) It ended up being a great weekend, I'm glad that we were able to get out together on Saturday and then spend time with family on Sunday, more important than the sun not shining.

It actually got sunny once we got to Hollywood

Uncle Ryan, Grandma Zoe, Grandpa Bob

21 Weeks

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