Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today marks 4 years of marriage for Chad and I. I can't believe that he has put up with me for that long :). I am very lucky girl to have such a fun, loving, entertaining husband. Chad really does make everything more fun. I love being with him and am grateful to go through life with him. Marraige is definitely a lot of work, and can be tough, but since Chad always lets me be right it makes it a lot easier for the both of us, haha. Our 3rd year of marriage brought on a lot of changes, we moved 4 times, reversed roles, spent countless hours at the beach, and fell in love even more. I am excited to see what year 4 has in store! The San Diego Temple is a special place for us, we love being able to go back there.

Engagement pictures.
Wedding Day August 11, 2007
November 2010
April 2011


brettnkayla said...

happy anniversary guys! our 4 years is next month whoo hoo!

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Your wedding day seems like yesterday. Love you!