Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hunger Games 2012

Today has been a LONG day. I am the only one in the office, which I was hoping that it would be slow and relaxing, but it hasn't. It has been super busy and my brain feels like it is fried. Along with it being busy at work I have a lot waying on my mind as we are in the process of making some big decisions. At 4:00 I decided to take a "internet" break. And I found  THIS article, and for just a few moments I escaped reality.

Did you read The Hunger Games? If you haven't please do yourself a favor and go read it. This is the 1st of 3 books in the series. And they are making them into movies. I was so excited to see the pictures of the cast. I think they casted Katniss perfectly, this is what I thought she would look like. I love when that happens. When Twilight came out I did NOT picture Edward to look like Robert Pattinson, and the moveis just werent as exciting, because I did't think he was cute at all.

So I am really excited to see the movie in March 2012. Get reading the books if you already haven't so we can all enjoy the movie when it comes out. For a complete cast list you can check out the link here.

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lindsay b. said...

I love these books. Every time I try explaining the synopsis to people ("It's about all these kids who are chosen by the government, are put into a ring, and have to kill each other"), every one seems turned off by it haha. They are all so action packed that I bet the movies will be amazing.