Friday, August 26, 2011

Chevron Nails

Yesterday I talked about the OPI Nail Pens, I liked them but wasn't CRAZY about them, the lines were fairly faint and did not last more than 24 hours. I had heard about using scotch tape to make stripes on your nails and as I was cutting the stripe out the tape tore and made a "v" shape. I instantly thought of the ever so popular Chevron pattern, its everywhere right now, and why not put it on your nails too. Here are some pictures of the process i did to create a new nail pattern along with tutorial instructions below. Enjoy! If you decide to try email or comment below so i can see how they turned out!
(going from left to right, top to bottom)

1. Pick two colors and a top coat. (The white nail polish was pretty cheap and didn't work very well, I had to switch colors a few time)
2. Apply two coats of the lighter of the two polishes and let them dry completely
3. Cut 20 strips, i did one hand at a time. You will need 2 strips per nail
4. Put them on the back of your hand so they are not too sticky
5. Place 2 strips on your nail equal spaced apart.
6. Apply one generous coat of the 2nd color and allow only a few seconds to set
7. Remove tape while polish is still wet and repeat each nail
8&9. The finished product. The grey color is Essie Master Plan and the Pink is Essie Peach Daiquiri.

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Jordan said...

oooo I'm so gonna try this Whitney! I hope mine look as cute as yours! :)