Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've got Nail Pen Fever

Have you seen this OPI nail pen at Sephora? I needed to try out some new liquid foundation and am always captivated by the nail selection there. I tried it out and loved how they looked the first day. However you are supposed to let dry then apply a top coat to seal. I didn't have time to do that and the next day my nails weren't looking so hot. I want to try this kind for Sally Hansen as well. Have any of you tried them? Have they worked for you? Did you use the top coat? The color on my nails is Chanel Inattendu, I love it for the summer, but as you can see it chips fairly easily. I'm excited to show you some other ideas I have been working on for your nails. Stay Tuned.

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brettnkayla said...

have u tried the nail polish stickers? sally hansen has them. there fantastic u just feel them off file them down top coat em and they last about 9-14 days before starting to peel.