Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tim Mcgraw + Faith Hill + 2 Huge Fans (and their husbands) = One Incredible Night

You would have thought I died and gone to heaven. Thursday afternoon Chad's friend Jake called and asked if we wanted to see Tim and Faith in concert in Las Vegas! Umm is that even a question??? I LOVE and I mean LOVE both of them, and to see them perform together, get out of here! But wait, it gets better. We are standing in line before the concert starts and I get a wristband put on my wrist, I don't ask what it means I jsut thought it was the ticket to get in. Nope, that lime green wristband was a ticket to pure happiness, which translates to backstage meet and greet with the fantastic couple. I couldn't believe it, I still can't believe it. I owe Jake forever, he was even willing to give up his spot to go backstage so that I could! It turned out we were all able to but the fact that he was going to is so generous.

Move forward in time to about 30 minutes (Faith was running a little behind) we are now backstage and walking up to meet them. All 4 of us shook their hands, introduced ourselves, "Hi I'm Whitney, you don't need to tell me your name, I already know it! ( i didn't really say that). Chad:  "You did a great job in your role as Dallas in Four Christmases." Tim: "Thanks, I loved all the food they served us before we would go on set."

Kristi to Faith: "I was at your concert back when I was 8 when you guys kissed for the first time!!!!" I just sat in awe of how beautiful they both were. We snapped a photo with them, that I will FOR SURE post when we get it. Both Kristi and I are sure that our smiles are about 100x too big!

The concert was amazing, our seats were awesome and I was one happy girl. Both Kristi and I danced to our favorites as our husbands sat next to us and enjoyed the concert for us.

We ended the night with a walk down the red carpet!


Ryan Smart said...

So here is my comment for both posts. First off, just for the record I saw Tim and Faith in concert in San Diego while Faith was still engaged to her ex-fiance and totally called Tim and Faith's relationship when she came out with wet hair and bare feet to sing with him. Whitney you may not have even been born yet ;)

They are amazing in concert and she and Shania were my all time crushes. Lucky ducks!

Secondly. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are my two all-time favorite country artists. Oddly enough I called out their relationships-it's sad gift knowing they are cheating on their spouses. Anyway Garth is the man and way more popular than Tim if you're a true country fan.

Maraina said...

i'm jealous! we went to tim's concert last summer and he was so good!

ps i love your skirt! i have the same one. H&M? I hate that Utah doesn't have H&M! I always have to make a trip there when I'm in Delaware.

brettnkayla said...

i dont know who tim mcgraw is but looks like u guys had a great night!

Chad Remington Davenport said...

Ryan-I think every guy has had a crush on Faith Hill at one point or another. I actually thought she was more entertaining to me over Tim because her voice is pretty incredible. Tim just sounds like every other dude country singer-twangy and semi-boring (no offense). I do appreciate the confirmation though about the popularity of Garth, he is huge and his album sales speak for themselves.
Kayla-whoever you are, you also confirmed my post about the popularity of Garth Brooks in a round about way but I have to admit I find it odd you haven't heard of Tim McGraw. Between his music and movies, he is actually pretty popular--nowhere near Garth Brooks but he is in some big movies. Not sure where you live or are from but sounds like a bit of a bubble.