Sunday, September 4, 2011

Do you know why we have Labor Day?

I asked my family this question and none of us really knew what Labor Day was. We just knew that we supported whatever it meant because for most of us it means a 3 day weekend, good sales, a day at the beach, bbq food, the sybmol of summer coming to an end, and the last weekend to wear white. I first found this explanation, but the answer was fairly basic. I went to the trusty website Wikipedia and found a more detail explanation here. Basically it represents the contribution of the workers and was established by the unions to give them a day off of being overworked.

I still manage to learn something new everyday. So far this year Labor day has meant:

A day at Los Alamitos Bay, 2 great dinners, going to church, spending a lot of time with extended family, enjoying a beautiful sunset and embarking on a 15 mile bike ride down the coast tomorrow! Wish me luck I hope I survive.

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Ally said...

We had a super fun time with you guys! Thanks for putting up with us! OH, and thanks for throwing that block at our baby and making her laugh like crazy :)