Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snapshots from our Labor Day Bike Ride

Originally Chad and I were going to take a bike ride from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach (15 miles) but with the unexpected early morning rain we decided to stay local. Instead we rode from Redondo Beach to Manhattan Beach and back. It turned out to be a warm sunny day, I took some photos with my phone of our ride.

My good looking husband (who may or may not have woken up @ 7:00 this morning and washed my car before I came to work)
Marina in Redondo Beach
Next stop, Hermosa Beach. Every Labor Day the city has Fiesta Hermosa, with craft and nick-nack vendors, carnival rides and yummy fair food. We met up with our friends Brad and Catherine, and Eric, we missed his wife this weekend!
I love the local photography displayed of the lifegaurd stands in Hermosa Beach.
Made a few trips to the 7-11 Slurpee Van
Old School Cover Band
Stopped in Manhattan Beach for a sandwhich and ice cream.

We ended the day at a BBQ at Catherine's parents home. We enjoyed our hamburgers, outside ambiance and good conversation with our friends. Thanks again for having us over!

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Madison said...

I missed you too!!