Thursday, September 8, 2011

The weather and I are boycotting Fall

I know that on many blogs right now everyone seems to be embracing the fall with the new trends, fall decorations, and warm cozy recipes. Well not me! I love summer, lucklily Southern California loves it too! The weather has been HOT (high 80s) at the beach. I have spent my lunches this week with my toes in the sand, and still wearing white! I may have even brought my bathing suit with me today so that I can jump in the water just one more time.


Anonymous said...

As much as I absolutely love Fall... I love Summer a little bit more. Oh how I wish the weather here would co-operate and give us just a little more time to enjoy the warm sun.

So, you enjoy it while you can...for the rest of us who can't :)


Lindsay R said...

I can't agree more. Everyone is bringing on fall and i'm trying to slow it down. Enjoy the beach weather right?!