Monday, September 12, 2011

I Can't Get Enough S'mores!

Most of my friends quickly find out how much I adore S'mores. I love the warm melted chocolate, the burnt gooey marshmallow, combined with the crunch of a fresh graham cracker. As a kid I would roast a marshmallow over the stove, or pop a mallow and choco chips in the microwave if I needed a quick fix. My father-in-law bought me this Microwave S'more Maker that makes the perfect microwave s'mores, the marshmallow never falls over (you fellow s'more lovers know what I am talking about)

I now keep all of my favorite s'mores recipes pinned on my  Pinterest, I should have created a board JUST for S'mores.

Here are some of my favorites:

First there is this s'mores maker for the bbq, no joke I could eat all six of those, ask my husband. Then there are S'mores Ice-Cream Sandwhiches, a S'mores Cobbler, these cute S'mores Cups, S'mores Cookie Bars, S'mores Cookies w/ a Hershey Square on Top, S'more Pudding Cups, S'mores in a waffle cone, and a little less traditional, the Oreo S'more.

Now I just need to start making some of these!

On a sidenote, still pertaining to S'mores. We went out to dinner in Vegas with our friends Kristi and Jake and they had a S'more dessert. There were prepared graham crackers with a rich milk chocloate spread and half a dozen marshmallows with skewers to roast right there in the restaraunt. I was so excited the whole meal to get dessert!


jen fuller said...
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jen fuller said...

s'more inspiration

saw this and thought of your adorable blog! thought you'd like it ;)

jen fuller said...

indoor s'more squares

my MIL left the recipe for the indoor s'mores under your comment :)