Friday, September 16, 2011

Nails for the Weekend

Well the weather is no longer boycotting the fall like it was last week yesterday. Maybe it's because I painted my nails with a dark plum that the Fall weather decided to make an appearance. Whatever the reason (I'm sure it's not my polish) I actually enjoyed the cooler day, with the brief appearance made by the rain. Now tomorrow I would like to order clear skies, 75 degrees with a light ocean breeze.

To spruce up my nails I dabbed a make-up sponge into my silver OPI polish and lightly applied only to the tips of my nails. It's Friday, I was feeling dangerous.


Jordan said...

Whitney! Come up to Idaho and do my nails! yours are too cute.. and uhh i thought that second picture was cheese at first.. hahaha

Kristi said...

Cute!! I'd like that weather too! :