Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Remember our little turtle Tyler that we caught when we lived in Texas? You can find the story here.  Chad's dad was the perfect "grandpa" to Tyler. First he bought him a nice aquarium, filter, rcoks, water heater, etc. That turtle LOVED him, when Brent walked into the room the turtle swam to the top of the water. We had one incident with Tyler before, he somehow jumped out of his acquarium and hid in the bedroom next to where his home was. Luckily we found him, lowered the water level and have had no problems.

Brent (Chad's Dad) decided Tyler needed his own pond. He built a pond in the backyard with a water fountain, heater, you name it, this turtle had it. It was the Ritz Carlton for turtles. The turtle lived there for about a week and a half before tragedy struck. Two nights ago we heard the neighbors dog barking and barking, I was annoyed but in bed and didn't think anything of it. The next day Chad went to check on Tyler and he was GONE!! Chad looked everywhere for him, there is no way he could have crawled out of the pond. We came to the conclusion that a racoon must have jumped in his pond and taken him, which is why the dog was going crazy. Hopefully Tyler is still alive somewhere, but we are pretty sure he will not be found swimming in his 5 star resort. I think we need to get a puppy now :)

(The tall dark rocks where not up that high when Tyler lived in the pond)


Catherine said...

Nooo!! Tyler!

I'm so glad I got to meet him. :*( So sad.


Angela said...

Sad! I hate losing pets.

Dogs are wonnnnderful! You won't regret it. :)


Janice said...

Losing Tyler has been sad. We feel the weight of losing Chad and Whitney's 1st "child"... I am worried about the puppy comment :)

Sharde said...

awwwww! im sorry about tyler! thats soo sad. my friend just got a turtle for her bday the other day. i have to make sure i dont let her read this. but yes. a puppy might make you feel a lot better- and they can interact with you more! :)

sharde @ the style projects

Whitney & Devin said...

Oh how sad about Tyler! I'm so sorry! But puppies are the best! I love mine!