Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mixing up the Routine

Yesterday I broke the work routine. I skipped out a little early to go to Disneyland! It felt so nice to be out mid-week, mid-day and enjoying some time with my husband, in-laws, nieces and nephew. I got to thinking about how we are creatures of habit and routine. This starts as soon as we are born, I've been told by my friends with babies that as long as those little ones are on their routine they are happy. Once their routine is broken...we all know what happens, the crying begins.

I like to think that I have grown up and out of needing a routine, but my life is still one big routine.
I work full-time Monday through Friday
I tutor after work two times a week
I have Mutual for church once a week
I go to the gym on the other 2 days
It leaves very little room in my life for spontaneity. We try and and go somewhere new and different on the weekend to fill that adventure void I long for during the week.

What do you do to break up the routine?


Kayla Christie said...

my routine doesn't exist since having kids! lol, the last time brett and i had a date with no kids umm let me think?? ..yep still thinking when it was? the last time i got to sleep in or sleep all night....once again still thinking! haha, enjoy it while u can b4 those babies come along, life changes completely! in a better way of course but a very different one too!

Arica said...

is it creepy that i love your sister blog so much that now i'm stalking you guys individually? haha. that said, i'm jealous of your ability to venture to disneyland. it was my life up until a few years ago.. and now i haven't even been back to see captain EO (GASP!) ..but i know how the routines can be. my way of mixing it up? moving to a completely new city... forces you out of the usual "olive garden & dollar theater" date. haha, gotta love the crutches of provo! don't miss them...

Shauna said...

No WAY! We were there on Monday too!!! What are you guys up to Thurs or Friday night? My mom is in town and so we have a babysitter!!!!