Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lucky Girl

I came downstairs this morning to a basket full of my favorite treats that Chad put together for me! I'm gonna brag for a minute about what a thoughtful husband I have. Our life is far from perfect, there are so many things we would like to be different and to improve. But even through all the difficult times I am so lucky I have this guy who takes great care of me and loves me so much. Some girls may be impressed by diamonds or jewerly, but Chad knows how to win me over is through sugar and snacks! I felt pretty special carrying this into work today :)


Pich and Roor said...

haha so cute def. food is the way to my heart too :) yay for husbands being thoughtful!

the lovebirds said...

love your blog! Glad I found you! I read your comment about dying your hair brown from being a blonde. I am debating the very thing right now- my hair appointment is on saturday... help! I'll be certain to visit often! xoxo